Healthcare and Oral Care Laminated Tubes

Healthcare and Oral Care Laminated Tubes

Popularly known as Collapsible tubes in Health care Industry. Thecollapsible metal tube is an attractive container that permits controlled amounts to be dispensed easily, with good reclosure and adequate protection of the product. The risk of contamination of the portion remaining in the tube is minimal because the tube does not suck back. It is light weight and unbreakable.

Tin containers are preferred for food, pharmaceuticals because it is inert and compatible with a wide range of products.

Lining: - if the product is not compatible with bare metal, the interior can be flushed with wax type formulations or with resin solutions. A tube with epoxy lining cost 25% more than the same tube uncoated.

Plastic:-Plastic tubes have a number of practical advantages over other containers they are low in cost, light wt, flexible, odorless and inert, unbreakable, they have a unique suck-back features which prevents product ooze. but this feature has a disadvantage of fear for contamination. The most common material currently employed in plastic tubes are low and high density polyethylene.

Laminations´üČ Permeation problem associated with plastic tubes and corrosion problems with metal tubes have lead to the emergence of a third type of collapsible tube, the laminated tube. This tube constructed of a lamination containing several layers of plastic, paper and foil. This lamination is welded in to a continuous tube by heat sealing the edges of the lamination together in a machine called sideseamer. The tube is cut in to length and the head is molded on to the tube.

Supported by our state-of-the-art infrastructure unit, we are able to manufacture and export superlative qualityOral Care Tube. These tubes are available to clients at reasonable prices in a wide variety. These tubes are known for being resistant to damage. These are used to store toothpaste. These tubes have caps to prevent contamination of the paste.





These tubes are manufactured from high grade raw material using the latest technology. Our tubes are very highly rated in the market for their attractiveness, durability and compact size. We command a full tube range in different sizes, shapes and other specifications as per the industry requirements.

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