FMCG Laminated Tubes

FMCG Laminated Tubes

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Laminate tubes are made from webs that comprise at least five different layers including the barrier layer. The two longitudinal edges of the laminate are welded together to form the tube body, which is then joined to the tube shoulder with its closure to give a reliable and impermeable seal.

Depending on the product and contents, laminate tubes can have a barrier layer of aluminium, plastic or ceramic and – in the case of transparent laminates – a barrier of polyester. The so-called Polyfoil tube is a specific type of laminate tube in which a plastic layer is extruded on top of the laminate.

Laminate tubes combine the beneficial properties of the different materials: excellent barrier effect to protect the contents and high-end print quality using practically all printing techniques to produce that persuasive brand presence at the point of sale. The tube’s new ‘invisible’ weld seams together with the appropriate printing technology allows 360° printing of the tube bodies – all the way round.

Most laminate tubes are supplied for the toothpaste market but they are playing an increasingly more important role for cosmetics and in other fields of application.

 Multi-layer tubes with Aluminum Foill EVOH/nylon/polyester act as barrier against oxygen, moisture,
aroma loss and provide a glossy surface enhancing printing quality
 Length of the tube can vary from 80 to 200 mm
 Shoulders can be in different shapes
 Different caps such as conical, flip-top, stand up and can be custom designed for an aesthetic look
 We offer Optimum quality, customized design and durability as per requirement.
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Laminated Tubes:All types of tubes catering to different segment customized as per client requirement.

Pharma Industry

Lip guard Tube

Pharma Plastic tube

Dermatology cream

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Herbal Toothpaste

Ayurvedic Toothpaste

White Toothpaste

Healthcare Industry

Fairness Cream tube

Antifungal cream tube

Ointment cream tube

Cosmetics Industry

Cosmetics Plastic tube

Herbal cosmetics tube

Hair Colour tube