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Laminated tubes - Our Product in Packaging Industry

 Multi-layer tubes with Aluminum Foill EVOH/nylon/polyester act as barrier against oxygen, moisture,
aroma loss and provide a glossy surface enhancing printing quality
 Length of the tube can vary from 80 to 200 mm
 Shoulders can be in different shapes
 Different caps such as conical, flip-top, stand up and can be custom designed for an aesthetic look
 We offer Optimum quality, customized design and durability as per requirement.

Packaging Tubes play major part in the industries like food industry, cosmetic industry and pharmaceutical industry. Manufacturers, suppliers and exporters, offering these tubes in varied materials like plastic, paperboard, transparent laminated sheet and aluminium. These Packaging Tubes are used for handling thick liquids such as creams, toothpaste, adhesive etc. The colors and sizes of Packaging Tubes are easily adaptable according to buyer's requirements.

Moreover, these packaging tubes have different qualities depending upon the raw materials used for manufacturing, which are further suitable for varied applications. For example, Laminated Packaging Tubes are ideal for pharmacy products and food stuffs, Plastic Packaging Tubes are used where flexibility is required and so forth.

The Multilayer Laminated Tubes (lamitube) made from laminates with aluminium foil barrier combine the excellent barrier advantages of traditional metal tubes & the attractive visual and tactile feel of the plastic tubes.

The ABL tubes give good “collapsible” effect which is desirable where precise dispensing of the product is required. Today, ABL tubes are not only used for toothpaste applications, but also increasingly for cosmetics, food, pharmaceutical and household and industrial applications.

PBL tubes or Laminated Tubes are made completely of plastic with the barrier layer being made of Ethyl Vinyl alcohol (EVOH) plastic granules. EVOH is primarily used in applications where the packaging needs to look extra attractive, especially cosmetic products. Laminated Tubes made of all plastic layers can be completely transparent and make the final product packed inside the tube visible to the customers. These tubes are passed through conventional metal detectors. 

Understanding & dealing with laminated tubes is one of the core competency of OPPL.