Plastic - Laminated

09 February
Plastic - Laminated

Plastic - Laminated

By : Plastic Laminated Tubes

Laminated tubes have a certain advantage from the extruded, due to their high barrier qualities. This is one of the reasons they can be used in the areas where packaging in plastic tubes is impossible or undesirable (pharmacy, devices for oral cavity hygiene, foodstuff, domestic chemistry).

Plastic tubes do not possess the residual deformation (compared to ABL), which means that they absorb the air while using.

There can be made transparent tubes of both types.

Extruded tubes may be jointless, at the time when laminated tubes will always have one. Modern technologies allow making the junction very accurate and almost invisible.

Usually plastic tubes are more expensive than laminated.

The two types of tubes have different printing devices, though the quality of printing on the laminate is better. In case of using laminated tube it's possible to bring to life the original ideas of designers by combining different layers of the laminate.

Foil stamping can be made on the both types of tubes.